Art Mentoring (English)

Do you need a new direction on your artistic journey? Have you learned lots of different art techniques over the years and gathered lots of art supplies but can’t seem to find your own visual language and/ or continuation in your artistic process and studio practice?

Would you like to learn how to build an authentic body of artwork and find meaning in it?

One-on-One Art Mentoring

I am offering Online Art Mentoring for individual artists in one-on-one Zoom or Skype sessions and per email!

I would like to accompany you on this wonderful opportunity of finding and following your own creative path.

If you would like to receive individual mentoring and need someone to help you

  • define who you are as an artist
  • overcome creativity blocks
  • develop artistic assignements and exercises taylored to your specific needs
  • reconnect you to your flow
  • recognize opportunities for your artistic growth
  • help you strategize your art business, marketing and networking

Contact me if you are interested!