New Mentoring Group on Mastrius.com

I believe everyone is creative. And that we need more skilled, successful artists. I am happy to announce that I will be mentoring a small group of artists with Mastrius.com. They bring artists together from all over the world to be trained and supported in their creative talent.

Our mentorship group will be about the artistic process, creativity and technical skills as well as being authentic in how you present yourself to the world online.

In our group, you, me, and up to just 7 other artists will meet together ONLINE monthly. We’ll tackle the hurdles and challenges you face as artists and in your own individual art practices.

You will be assigned homework tailored to your specific goals. Between sessions you’ll work on the homework, supported and encouraged by the artists in your group.

There’s a lot I’ve learned about art, creativity, and working as an artist over the years. I’d love to SHARE IT and to walk alongside you in this next stage of your creative journey.

Want to join me?